Arcade Fire covering “Dust in the Wind” this weekend at the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City. One of the best experiences of my life yawl!

Diamond Eyes by The Black Angels. Off their upcoming EP Clear Lake Forest

ARTIST: Mac DeMarco

TRACK: Chamber of Reflection

ALBUM: Salad Days

PLAYS: 1,309

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"The most valuable skill of a successful entrepreneur … isn’t “vision” or “passion” or a steadfast insistence on destroying every barrier between yourself and some prize you’re obsessed with. Rather, it’s the ability to adopt an unconventional approach to learning: an improvisational flexibility not merely about which route to take towards some predetermined objective, but also a willingness to change the destination itself. This is a flexibility that might be squelched by rigid focus on any one goal."

The surprising psychology of how sticking to plans actually hinders success and happiness (via explore-blog)